Creative Gas

This Word “Creative Gas” Come to my mind since end of Jan 2009. At that time I believe Creative is Like Gas, they have similar attribute. It spread and inspire other to spread. But now I change it to another meaning. Gas mean the environment. Environment surounding us surely take the weight to inspire our imagination.

My proposal as below:



Ideas Worth Sharing

I love Ideas, like most of my friends like. We burn creative magazin and yanko feed, collect stunning advertise posters or clips then we spread them to other.

What’s the ultimate purpose of an idea? It solve problems, it is creating, it inspire people to think differently, it make people laugh, it bring life and it move people.


Why think out of box is hard as we grow older and older? Because some ‘said to be truth’ concept has jailed our thought. We have fear that might wrong and people don’t like. Argh… lack of confident on unsure thing…

If you know a little bit of music. I am telling you that is nothing wrong to put a Bb chord in a C Key Song. Even F# Major chord sound interesting.

Perhaps you have an sound funny idea? but it may become acceptable and stunning effect when you work out nicely and tie up a bit. Who know? So I am here to encourage everyone, there is not a absolute right and wrong. 

1 chorintian 10:23 “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is constructive.

Whatever, This category has started up. Em, whatever, I don’t really care about MY intellectual property. Just Ideas Worth Spreading.

My Dream World

This new category here to typi typi down some of my dreams.
I have a complex thought and Simple mind, so I have a wonderful dream world sometime.
As the time goes, they leave and now is lesser and lesser to own them at night.
Glad that I remember some of them. Share here with who like to know my dream world. And I wish to record down when they are with me again. It is a wonderful experiment ever I can tell. Just because they sometime out of my imagination.




What a recurring screen that happen in ever PC as daily basic.

What a recurring screen that happen in ever PC as daily basic.


PC keyboard we just need these 3 Keys

PC keyboard we just need these 3 Keys




刚在jobstreet看到个日本公司在新加坡开的公司,需要php developer, 有三个月的日语课,之后会有机会来回新加坡日本。

我恨不得可以马上呈上简历呢,“不能这样随便啊!”,阻止我的是另一个自己,“什么都没做好,交上去怎么可能成功?”。 继续阅读

Young and pretty lady wishes to marry a rich guy.

A little laughter on a Wed morning. Apparently this is a true story coz somebody read about it in Fortune Magazine and forward to me.

Title:  Young and pretty lady wishes to marry a rich guy. Fantastic reply from a financial person 

A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum: 

Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy? 继续阅读

First to TED – Let’s be a fans of them

要从这短片看到并且得到价值,这是需要机缘,根骨,悟性的 =P 首先你要有二十分钟的耐性和一定的英语听力。机缘就是你家有电脑和网络,现在已经到了我的部落格咯。我真心希望我每位朋友都能努力把它看完,甚至看几遍,我本身看了不下五遍了。 继续阅读