Creative Gas

This Word “Creative Gas” Come to my mind since end of Jan 2009. At that time I believe Creative is Like Gas, they have similar attribute. It spread and inspire other to spread. But now I change it to another meaning. Gas mean the environment. Environment surounding us surely take the weight to inspire our imagination.

My proposal as below:

Objective : Create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere at different environment for different group of people. Inspire a discussion topic or a groups activities to build a solid strong relationship of people.

Applicable Location : Raiway, Lift, Bus, Walkpath, corridor, Plane. (Where place is crowd yet everyone still strangers)

Require Equipments : 3D surround Speakers, Radio Broadcast Network, boardcasting studio, realtime DJ.

Description : It is like a radio broadcast and this broadcast with the 3D sound target to generate atmosphere to group of people. Contents may vary to Jokes, Program Songs, Dance Beat Rhythm, Dialog, Games Commands, Company Interesting Topic, Party Noise.

This idea is inspired from an exibition at esplanade. There was a sound real and exciting party noise through a room into a corridor, then it is an empty room with just a machine.

Yeah, I know this idea sound a bit bored, but you know. I usually like to announce peace love and joy to the world =)

Human need desired partner, team, group to work out a BIG achivement. What a fun idea if we can have ice breaking all over the world at everyday to know different people? Then why keep so quite in lift, can you just simply talk to the one beside you? That’s what I hope to see.




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