Yamaha Motif sound Entry Level MM6

Finally.. I have enough money to buy this. This is my dream from years ago. 18 years.

Believe or not, I keen to have a piano since I was 5yrs old. Only few of my friends know I play guitar just becauseit is affortable. Both of the guitars (Santa Cruz, Epiphone) I bought with my difficult saving even I was just 14 years old. Eventually, it is just a replacement for my true love.

Now, I am a computer guy, a digital freak, this match the best to what I want.

Am I ready for it? Am I ready to get it home? Am I really ready???

Now, I understand how Snoopy owner Charlie brown confuse when he want to buy a movie ticket…..

Seriously, This entry level of motif sound synthesizer is really cheap. Retail Price about RM2300 for a . The tyros 2 Cost more than RM30K just a keyboard. How attractive is the motif grand piano and guitar sound… it is so impressive.

However, I still cannot play piano. When am I able to compose song with piano with what in mind? like somebody?


8 thoughts on “Yamaha Motif sound Entry Level MM6

  1. hey!那个video把右边的字都挡住了。。


  2. 哦,是哦,FF是会这样,我一用IE就没有。


    怎样让comment也有RSS或者Email通知,而且还可以reply。比如,我为了你个问题,你就可以在我的comment下面按reply来针对那条留言进行replay。而不用重新写一个comment。 这个我只是在中国的QQ Blog发现有这个功能,还有facebook。其他例如blogger可以把其他comment email给你,但不能进行针对性回复。这个很必要,比如有人在我blog问了个问题,我加个新comment回复他,但他可能就不会回来看了。

  3. 呵呵,最近没什么时间搞。。。教会三周年忙得要命。不过还真的是多姿多彩。真实爽得不会形容。一个热情充满活力的教会 =)


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