Music Styles Practise 音乐风格练习

Don’t know why this Roland V-Drum Audio CD in my iPod.

Anyway, I listen to it.
This is probably some guide or reference for drummer. But I benefit from it, as a Bassist.
Then I tried to search it on the google for more information,
I got this official site. And it offer all tracks (included some updated tracks) for free download.
but i found my CD has two version, the full band version and minus version without drum. Those track on this site are all minus version… it don’t provide full band version.

Well, just want to share it to any Band, Church’s Band, this is a good reference to some pattern that we can follow.

这个罗兰的虚拟鼓音频CD在我的iPod 里。

我听了一段时间。 这可能是一些指导或鼓手的参考。不过,我作为一个贝司手也从中受益。
然后我试图google它的更多信息, 我得到这个官方网站,它提供的所有音频(包括一些最新的音频)免费下载。




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