relationship education blah blah blah

I was watching prison break for my last few month. The most attractive part for me would be the description of relationship part. Father and Son, Husband and Wife, Brother’s Love. I am saying, this is a really poor culture inherited for Asian people. We don’t easily tell we love each other.

I am not justify to say most parents in Asia Country don’t love their children. In fact, they don’t know how to express their love and show it in correct way. We called this 含蓄. And, This usually lead misunderstanding and make relationship worse and worse roll like a snow ball cause bigger and bigger problem.

Both of My brothers are not in home now. I will never feel good or don’t mind for this. I really love them, they are unique, they are cleaver, they are just so different from other. They are kind, they are cute, they are just good and none or anything can replace them. I cannot understand what’s in my parents mind. I cannot understand…. I am sad, I cried and feel so hurt when I went to Ulutiram visit my second brother with few of my church brothers just now. He was just filled with hAtE! He hate everything in the earth now. He even said he will revenge when he can get out from there at 21st years old. I feel so despair because his original kindness has been twisted. He did nothing wrong and he is here. He is innocent. A not complete love cause this. He changed his mind, he don’t want to be a good person, he want to be a bad person because he feel nothing worth to be good. He just want to revenge to fill one of his emptiness.

Friends, do you know what is the cause and effect? I am here to share you some Rules and Principles. It is a truth. It is reveal by God in the bible.
First, Love your children as They are the Gift from God. If you don’t give enough love, care or concern, they get hurt and I am telling you, they will shift this hurt, likely to shift back to you. That’s why they do bad things to make you angry. The ultimate reason is you had overlook them.
Second, Reasonable reward and punishment. You have to really never compromise your promise, because your child is totally depend on you. You are their super hero in their mind. If you eat your word… worst some more, if you exceeds their limit. Their moral value will be twisted. This is very serious. Mean some sense or rules in them will not working anymore. They may not trust it or they may lost interest on it no matter how TRUTH is that values.

I really miss my brothers and hope whatever the family please…. don’t keep hurt their children. They are really disappointed for why a Christianity parent do such things to them. He don’t trust whatever Christianity and the values had totally twisted. Please, if you had born him, learn to love him…. you are mature already, you handle what they cannot handle. Not put your personal emotion into action.

Anyway, we are all human being, human do mistakes and this is very normal. But the precious thing is, we can learn and transform.

I am sorry to write so bad to parents. I just want to spit out the fishbones so I won’t feel so suffer.


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