what do you think about technology in five year time?

I am asking this very tough question and I believe most of you will like to have some idea.
And I know one person thought always not perfect, that’s why team and collaboration come in.

So,I am here hopefully everyone who may see this can share about your thought.
By collecting all the factor, we can make a better decision onward.

Haha. Just that. Best wish to all my lovely friends all over the world. Take care.


8 thoughts on “what do you think about technology in five year time?

  1. Hi bro i guess i will be the first one to answer your though question…

    Hope my small brain can help u 😛

    Technologies… hmmm… As I know it is pacing at a very fast rate… As i recall few years back then from the first time i know computer up till now… fuuh.., it’s been tremendously improving on and on…

    I think in 5 years time it will go beyond what I have imagined they will keep improving and inventing new stuff, It will likely replace the human’s work in many field… As I read article about robotic technologies that’s recently had been so popular in academic science.. It has shown that the man dream’s of robotic age is coming, probably it will be something like the matrix or terminator .. he… he…
    Furthermore there are also nanotechnology and other more.. like written in one of the newspaper few month back there… where scientist try to create a bing bang Phenomena in small scale using machine… They have mention of colliding certain particle or what, errr…. it’s just cannot fit my small brain.. Anyway the point is those scientist realy2x… have many questions to the universe’s mystery, and trying to uncover those mystery by doing experiments…. Oh yeah Today I just read that a scientist from British had been able to make artificial sperm… “-_- huufff…. that’s seems to be what I thought so far.. If I am sorry if I am off the topic 😛

    I just hope the inventor take an account of the risks of the implication that they could possibly made. It will be futile if in the end the technology may cause harm to human being, like in the science fiction movie 😛

  2. That’s quite an imagination, Zelion. 😀

    In five years time, the technology will be an integrated part of most of our lives. I’d imagine the technology will be intelligent enough to take care of our necessary needs like order grocery automatically without us taking notice of our supplies at home, pay our bills automatically without much security concern and so on.

  3. 5年啊?那就是2013年的时候。5年太少了吧,肯定会有很多新技术现在没有的,但还不至于发展到难以想象。如果是10年,就会难以想象了。





    well, that’s my opinion..

  4. Hery watch too much science fiction and movie 😛 haha, you have much concern in artificial technology such as robotic, AI, cloning :S

    YP has a mature thought. What you said are realistic and it is a trend toward. especially “automatically without much security concern”

    for me, em… I will use Chinese instead, as my English is so poor =P
    2014年,我28岁了。尽管科技的进步,可是我认为人的传统习惯不会轻易的被抹去的。我相信报纸和杂志还会继续畅销,光碟产品应该会衰退比较快,闪存会比移动硬盘普遍,网络作业系统,网络硬盘,和网络软件会越来越多而且成熟。Google Chrome OS应该有能力带来革命性的网页工作环境。除了笔记本,电话,iPod以外,更多的网络连接形式会出现,更多的协议Protocol也会出现。http 可能慢慢不再是主流了,这个我想只有google 和 ms 有能力改变的趋势。


  5. 对了,还记得上次看的xbox natal project, ms 和 intel 的宣传片都很过瘾,比如microsoft table这玩意。其实我最希望看到的产品的进步是在人体工程学上的进步。不需要局限身体任何部位姿势。我觉得这个比什么都来得爽。

  6. 10THz processor by Intel? Graphene can replace silicon eventually when the production method and cost is lowered. We also will have projected communication devices like the one they use in StarWar, and might be able to interact with it by touching it, just like in Gundam cockpit. Human can travel from place to place using teleportation service?

    Am I crazy? No I’m not! All above is possible, and if not mistaken, all is under scientific experiment.

  7. Hahaha.. u guys right I watched lots of science fiction movie… it’s very interesting though.. 😀
    guess foo110 is almost the same as me… hehe

    Well as expected… YP comments is the best..Full mark hehe… 😀

    Hey Jet I dun understand T_T …

    Did u guys read the news recently regarding the conspiracy theory on whether the human had really landed on the moon??
    They said NASA at that time around 1969 or er around the 70 made those picture
    in studio’s…
    Some skeptics were questioning about the picture that having no star at all in the background also how could the flag look’s like blown by the wind while there are no air at all…

    Well guess we never know either rite… 😛

    any discussion on the ancient civilization ? 😛


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