Do we need a reason…?

a self asked question finally got answer when i was in my car.

my car is a ‘place’ where i used to do communicate work.. to important person or non person (my girl friend and God). I found I can be more concentrate because I have nothing to do beside driving, seeing car flies and accident.

Anywhere. I make noise because I keen to know the answer. Do we need a reason…?

HE told me. When there is a Right thing at the Right place, things smooth out. Why do we need to mention the reason thing?

Good answer… Why we need to ask the reason? Because things not smooth. Oil run out from machine might be a reason?

Well, the cause behind is simple and it is just need to change the POV to make things easy. But how to get thing right is not only the matter of wisdom or knowledge stuff can do. I will rather say it is anointing. Nothing in the world is Difficult! this is my improved POV whereby a reason is no needed anymore. So to make things work like heavenly.. we need wisdom, knowledge, and lastly. a shoulder of mighty god.

Okay. My quick note is about. God bless you all.

Warmest Regards,
wrote using macbook pro by apple inc

One thought on “Do we need a reason…?

  1. Mark it excellent is because the amazing of the God!

    Thanks God that HE always can solve your problem!

    the relationship btw you and Him is getting closer and closer!!!:D

    God bless you too ^.^


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