Guide for Malaysia Passport lost, spoil or stolen

Proud to say that, I am eligible to write this article. Because I lost my Malaysia passport more than one time. So add an ‘S’ at the end of the passport’s’…. @@”

Well, here I will show you. What you need to do and don’t need to do.

You Need to:

  1. Report to the Police – just a simple report will do, you just need the report paper, report number and name of the balai polis.
  2. You may need to get a Chop of pengesah[verify] cost RM4 from balai polis if your report being taken by sergeant or any usages and the report in your hand is an photocopied.
  3. Prepare RM300 – They don’t care your passport is stolen, hilang[missing] atau rosak[or spoilt]… you just simply need to pay after 2 weeks from your replacement date.
  4. 2 photocopy of IC, birth certificate and 2 passport size photos. 1 photocopy of your report.
  5. RM8 parking fee for a whole morning…

You don’t need:

  1. Wake up at 5AM in the morning and “chiong” to the building gate there for queue.
  2. because you also no need to queue for number at the pemohonan there.

Here I tell you the reason. You need to go to the counter beside the queue number there and get two forms, one is green for passport application, another one is the white color for telling your passport story. Each of the form cost RM1. But don’t know why I didn’t pay for that. Well, Fill in the form and give it to 宣誓官 to chop. The 宣誓官located at outside of the building, there got two 宣誓官. I don’t know their different. What I know is they will only come at 8.30AM. So 早起的鸟儿等虫吃. This also the reason you don’t come at 5AM.  宣誓mean Sumpah [oath], but the key point is the RM5 will need to pay as sumpah fee, if you don’t know how to fill the white form then he will charge you RM15. After and before the chop, he is enjoying his iPhone. Anyway.. two times I went, he just had fun with his iPhone..

After sumpah, go back to the building, up stair, a lot of people that side, just ahead to counter 1, there got a small sign board saying for lost passport. Show him your IC, birth certificate, report, photocopy of report, photocopy of 2 IC, 2 Birth certificate, Green form with 2 photos, and white form with chop then tell him, ‘Completed’. he will give u a number. wait for a while your number will be called up. At this time, you can give them all the ‘Completed Document’ and wait for estimate 2 and half hours. you will be called and your IC, birth certificate and report given back. He will give you an extra paper, for redeem your passport after 2 weeks, call to the number he highlighted after 2 week, with extension 205. then tell the tele girl the ref number on the paper. If done, your RM300 is going to Rakyat.

Fine, your passport is renew automatically, 5 years. but may be 3 years. 2 times lost, max is 3 years only.

Glad that, I had complete the musical interval lesson and exercise during the waiting time.

If this article is useful to you. Pray for me, no more third  time to make fun of them [everything] here. It is enough for me 😦

God bless you.

P/s. if you think there will be good to have a 中文指南, I will translate upon request 😛


50 thoughts on “Guide for Malaysia Passport lost, spoil or stolen

  1. Next time you can go Tampoi there do your passport. So you dont need travel till town and pay for carpark Rm8 and get long Q number. Tampoi there faster and lesser people.

  2. Hello, boss. I lost my passport yesterday in Singapore and I already made emergency certificate and back to Malaysia already but I dun know I have already made a new passport request in the Singapore Malaysia Embassy or not.

    I wanna ask you to make a new passport, how long it takes?

    • hey fellow. i am sorry to hear that. i guess it take about a week. but the temp emergency certificate will use in mean time 🙂 all the best and God bless

    • i remember it took me a while to fill too… in the end it doesn’t really matter i guess. i am kind of like repeating some sentences and fill all over the lines :>

      • What u told the police when doing report? Lost or got stolen from people? If lost will forfeit more money anot @@ coz i lost my passport too ><

    • the advices for best practice is tell them stolen as u can because the responsibility can fall to the government and you will have less trouble. but u still need to pay the fine RM $$$$$

      • you will need to pay for RM300, but they will not give you 5 years. for the first time, they will give you only 3 year at RM300, and second time 1 year at RM300.. as a fine

  3. May I know where u redo ur passport? I lost my passport recently in Malaysia. I’m working in sg, without the passport, I can’t enter sg n work… Sad

    • They have a temporary i think call something like visit pass. can be done in 1 day and use for few week until your passport done. the new building now is at Setia Tropical Johor

  4. My parents lost their passport , made a police report in hatyai but the custome officer said have to wait 3 days s is their new year, so if I don wan to wait n just go out from hatyai illegally, is that possible to replace the passport? Pls help ..

  5. Hrm… y got people telling me the penalty is RM3000 and will be lot of trouble gek.he told me his dad kena leh… go report polis with any reason will do? coz I really forget how I lost it.

  6. Hey, thank for your sharing, it is a good guideline for any unfortunate person like me. Can i know under what situation that the photocopy of police report must be verified and what is the rank of qualified police officer for verify it.
    Where did you apply for the new passport which prevents the hassle of waking up at 5a.m?
    Thank you mate.

  7. Hi Elliot,
    So how long been taken for the replacement? 2 weeks?
    I read from website saying it might takes 3~4month for the new passport, is that true?
    Thanks for answer ya, since you are experience in this…

    • I’m not sure about that. My situation was reverse. Singapore Malaysia embassy made me a Temporary visit pass let me go back Malaysia to settle my passport in Malaysia

  8. Hi friend, your sharing is good guideline for us
    I just lost my passport here in Bangkok this morning.
    Malaysia Embassy already get me EC for coming back Malaysia.
    My question are :
    1. Do I need to make police report again when I back to Malaysia?
    2. The official immigration need to investigate before approve our new passport?
    3. Your 1st time replacement passport takes how long to collect? I’m going Hong Kong next 2 months. I was worrying about it.
    Pls advice, thank you in advance!

    • Hi, I try my best to answer your question base on experience only. Hope it can help a bit.
      I EC Emergency Certificate is just for the purpose to come back Malaysia to settle your lost passport.
      – Last time, I only need to do report on Singapore (the closest regional police where I lost passport). I didn’t remember to make police report in malaysia.
      – Yes, the immigration will take investigate. but usually they will approve if you have done your police report etc.
      – It take less than a month for passport issue, you still can apply for temporally visit pass I guess, but that could make you trouble holding temp pass. 2 months surely more than enough for your HK trip.
      safe trip!

      • 我看了那么多 帮到了我很多 上个星期天我在新加坡掉了护照也report了 已经一个星期了也没消息不能在等了 打算在新加坡做了 。他都会叫你去马来西亚做的吗?然后要在马来西亚report吗?要一个星期才会好吗?我可以进回新加坡做工吗?然后再去拿吗?一定要报生子吗?复印就可以了吗?不用原装的吗?大哥请帮我解答 谢谢

      • 如果条例没有改的话,在国外不见passport是不能在国外做的,只能从大使馆得到一个证明让你回马来西亚做。在马来西亚就不需要report了,keep着你在新加坡的report就好了。不见护照的情况一个星期护照不可能做好,但是可以做个暂时的pass让你进出新加坡。我记得一定要报生纸,带着原装的,复印的要给他。

  9. 那张暂时的pass是在新加坡拿的吗?我拿了在新山做护照后,跟我说几个星期后再去拿,然后我可以进回新加坡做工?再出去新山拿护照时,也需要去新加坡的马来大使馆拿暂时的pass吗?第二次拿的暂时pass都在新加坡吗?两张护照照片自己带去好,还是那边拍比较好呢?

  10. Thank u for ur post. It is very useful. However. I still have some q:
    1. I am thinking going to do new passport on tuesday afternoon@setia tropica. Do they still give queue number for afternoon?
    2. Do the sumpah officer work in the afternoon?
    Thanks !


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