Redefined Elliot

We shouldn’t expect for tremendous changed all the time. We will lost in the midst and feel anxious, couldn’t get connected. We may self corrupted or revert back to the original form and refuse to change in a period of time. In fact, we need to be prepared before the ‘things’ happen. Then only we have enough capacity to take the challenges, get changed.

We’re not perfect. But I believe our originality is good until the sin come in to life. And it is getting more as we grow. Selfish is one of the symptom and this will actually lead our characteristic to low self esteem. If we aware and start thinking to avoid the continues damages. We need some solid solution to revert, back to the glorious originality noble human, which has God’s Image. And It is not easy. Well, solid, step by steps, I think is… I don’t believe I can fly, until I realize I am ready to believe it. Then I might able to receive. Otherwise, pain, suffer, scare or desire will simply make me call to retreat.

First, Redefined Elliot said : “I’m not a geek”;

Hi, I am a Geek

I used to persist in open source, so called dynamic, flexible, powerful, free, speedy and standard technology. Because they really can do everything anything and I was going to master it. Time wash away the self belief and put the fact clear in front. Then I start realized, things was not as I thought… Or should I ignore the fact and go ahead with my belief…. and continue be the geek.

No, I say no way. I want to get rid of myself stupid idea and arm with new, live, real vision and dream.

Then it make the second point worth, “You believe, People follow”;

You believe, People follow

One of the abilities we own, which animals don’t own, angels don’t own, flowers and plants don’t own… this make us to be value in the planet is ‘influence’. Anything you believe, there are followers behind, more or less. The insist of your believe times the perfection of your idea in the real and live world, this will give you the strength of influence. We do what we think. What is in our mind will spread the factor to the air. Through your word, manner, decision and your everything. So I need to build up some mind from total recognition of the world from the history to the pop culture. Be social, stay connected.

Third, Great way to stay connected:

Stay connected

Our Minds are like island and the thoughts are like the way paths bring us to different set of reaction. The greatest way to build the mind is through communication. Communication is like building bridge with different islands. World is small, physically, But human minds’ diversity make this world really huge. You may able finish sight seeing by today, but you can never know what new things gonna be happened next couple years in the same place. God create us serve some purposes. He want us to develop the social world in another ‘Sacred’ way. Bring down the Kingdom of God consist of Joy, Peace, Creativity, Love and all HIS images. Sin not only break us from connect to the sacred God, also break us from connect to people around us. There is much worries, he may cheat me and put me in suffer for his benefit or desire. But still, I want to be greater and be the conversionist. Get things connected and spread all the positive, encouragement, love factor and make the selfishness and sins look even ugly.

Forth, Creativity and Joy at anytime:

Creative + Joy

I used to be in a gloomy mood most of the time. It is hard to have a good reason to pursuit me to cheer up. I thought there is never better but it is going to end someday…So my life is so called boring. I like Black, white grey gradient and think Vibrant color are too complex to be harmony. But , what I found and change my mind? I get to know this, the God who create us name Alohim! The God who have Great Creativity. And we inherit His nature. Let’s observe the world, the universe, the rules He set for the nature. I can slow understand… It is amazing. When He make covenant with Noah, he use rainbow. We know he is never boring and enjoy creating, give surprise and work really hard. I encourage myself, anything I want to do, I want to stay creativity, challenging, joy and work out with my full strength to fulfill it. Just be cause I am the son of God, I don’t want let my father feel ashamed.


4 thoughts on “Redefined Elliot

  1. 經常內省就會有所進步。當然,想到一個階段就去落實,我們往往花太多時間在想而遲遲未行動。你這四點都很不錯,我喜歡~ 🙂

    • 谢谢~ 这几天经历很多东西,所以想比较多~


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