imagination and staging milestone

One of Einstein famous quote

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’.

And One thought came to me this morning, before this expert’s quote.

I was thinking:
if IQ is the processing speed of our human brain. mean cycles / seconds / energy.
A person cannot get any good idea by how smart he/she is.
If he/she lack of connectivity with another knowledge source (context), [ as connecting is part of imagination’s work]
the person are just hitting the same ground again and again. No break through.

The world is 3D space, Time make it to 4D space.
I will say Imagination create the 5D space, it need to be happened as different form and connect the different spaces.
The variant is far more unpredictable…


And what i realize last night:

Development (Advance) things is build upon solid milestones.

Let’s take technology as example, technologies are built upon milestones too.
It build on top of another technology and need to establish itself.
To be identical, has certain value, advertise aka known, defined coverage, documentation…
But information technology are developed too rapid and the milestone is not defined clear.
It collapse all the time and hard to maintain itself.
That’s why bible mention wise man build his house on the rock. We don’t rush to the peak and then facing another collapse.



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