Transformed by River Flow

We shouldn’t persistent. or.. shall i say, we need to have persistent but not 100%

We shall allow the natural force to shape us with certain degree of hardness.

Steve Jobs : Stay Hungry, Stay foolish. Although he is neither from christ nor bible, but this teach us the thumb rule… humble… None shall think he is greater than anyone else but everybody is unique and special. We need to have faith yet we are humble. A contradistinction balance but also parallel attribute to keep us improving.

Just let things be, relax and watch out. Sometime we may get new revelation. Who knows? We are not the one create the universe and setup the rules and principles. We are just a kids in a playground designed by professional architecture. so… feel the air, see the changes, listen to the heart. The truth will slowly reveal.

so.. Stay Joyful and be Creative. by Elliot Yap…


Sincerely wish brother Sean Foo prosper in 2012 and future, happy birthday.



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