Bass and Guitar teacher in Johor

Hey! (the rare one) 

Love the tones? Can’t help to be in groove? Think the kick could be colours up?

If you recognize BASS, musically you’re there.
If you are read this, you probably know Google than I’m.

But if you think getting the bass over the shoulder has to be more than that? Well, read thur this little story of mine.

==== Story started here====

2 years ago, I had a goal, It is to acquired Rockschool Grade 8 (from I was debut level Σ(゚д゚lll)). I had 4 teachers taught me different skills and strategies. books and books get solid knowledge and exercises materials. Training DVDs by top drummers and bassist. You know there gotto be a lot of $$Dollar$$ invest for Knowledge and Ideas Inspiration.

As a result. I got Passed with Merit awarded just few months ago. (find my previous post)

I have a few tricks, formulas and exercises/games! It is designed during this period. For me to moving and keep moving. Break though and keep breaking though. There was more problems than I expected but Thanks God they are all marked as solved by creativities with the proven result.

==== Story ended here====

I want to share with Young Bassist who lived at my home town areas. Included Skudai, Tampoi, Impian Emas, Taman Anggerik and Bukit Kempas. Whoever has enthusiasm want to learn bass and guitar like in the speed of light. Lol…

But be aware that

  1. There must be commitment needed to be pro… (not just a pro bassist.. I guess you know)
  2. doing it rightly is just the beginning, the right direction.
  3. creative definately to save to your time and the key to everyone unique problems.

Want to make friend with me? check if the bass in your hand agree with you…. if so, the password is “Elliot Yap”, go and find me from google!! as your first mission 🙂

Chills for now~


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