Because IM Happy


星期六,依然是最期待的一天,可以到一个无法言语形容的伟大地方,新加坡CHC我的教会。从新山到新加坡的toll起价了,却拦阻不了我们的渴望和旅途。We abandon every distraction, my attention is set on you.

咳到都快呼吸不到了,就是期待赞美敬拜的开始,由于Rev Phil的班机延迟了,所以聚会也迟了15分钟开始。一直到敬拜结束都还赶不上来,我心里非常期待看到他,一位站在台上,他的笑容就让我看见能量的牧师。

整个赞美敬拜身体都很拉扯,但是歌词里面的每一个句子都带着使我坚持的力量,我寻求的不再是马上的身体医治,而是经历神让我从新认识他,从新设立我信心的根基,在更稳固的磐石上。尤其是 Made for worship 的歌词. I was made to worship, I was made for your embrace. I was made to bless your name. I will bless the lord at all time.

许多的拖延一直到Rev. Phil 终于与许多护送的人走进了会场,看见这一幕到来真开心!
Because I’m Happy 这片信息,我才发现我自己有着隐藏的 Depression. 可以在许多人面前带上笑容,却无法自己一个人给自己笑容。3 road blocks 我中了两个,Harter and Self pity.

because IM Happy

To learn how to change gear in our life, not just one dimensional. We will be amazed how the people response to our smile.

I choose to be here not because we can be blessed and up up up
But I can get the unbeatable resilience when something happen make me down down down

do not compare, don’t use the word ‘better’. God is for us!

其实开心不是很难的事,不过为什么文明国的人特别多忧郁症呢?原来还是根源的问题没有解决呢。spend time deal with the root problem.

Advertisements and ME

In the beginning, I love Art
Who enjoy the process of crafting the favor with both hands and times

But I notice the interesting of science
I went to computer science for degree
Then I became a programmer
Who constantly seek for effective method to extract information

Suddenly I realized, I don’t want to leave Art

so I started Powerstation
to make Art live on top of Technology


God help me stand firm and be the cornerstone to support me and balance me

Thanks for this wonderful experience and support with you (everyone)